December 8th, 2015


In July of 2013, Saint Louis County begins an intensive supervision program for pretrial defendants which proved to be successful.This intensive supervision program after just nine months allowed more defendants to be released from custody while their case was pending, reduced the amount of jail beds utilized for pretrial defendants, had substantial cost savings as a result of reduced incarceration, allowed defendants to begin programming prior to sentencing and mitigated public safety…


December 7th, 2015

We are excited to welcome you to MAPSA’s new website!It is MAPSA’s mission to create a safe and just criminal justice system by providing quality training to our members, promoting information to improve pretrial programs and promoting the importance of pretrial services in Minnesota.We hope that this newly designed website will serve as a springboard for the accomplishment of this mission by providing resources and the latest news relative to pretrial services. If there is anything…